November 30, 2022

About the President

Natalie Blank

Natalie Blank has been a member of Weissman Busch Ladies Auxiliary #742 in the Bronx, New York for many years. She was born in New York to Moses and Celia Blank. She is the youngest of three children and an aunt of three nephews and one niece. She has been trained as a legal secretary and currently works as a cashier at Shoprite.

Before becoming active in the Ladies Auxiliary Natalie worked with her dad at his JWV Post. At the age of 18 she joined her first auxiliary, Maurice H. Feldman Ladies Auxiliary #500, where she started as secretary and then worked her way up the chairs to Auxiliary President.

One day when Natalie attended a Bronx County meeting with her mother, she decided that she would work her way up the County chairs. She started as guard and continued through the offices until she became County President, accepting and excelling at many Chairmanships along the way.

While attending a Department meeting and Convention she was approached to be Patriotic Instructor. She agreed and was elected to this office and, again, worked her way up to Department President, again accepting and excelling at many Chairmanships along the way. Natalie credits and thanks her mentor, PNP Anita Gotthoffer, (of blessed memory) with teaching her most of what she knows regarding the purpose and functioning of JWVA.

Natalie began attending National Conventions and listened and learned and eventually was appointed as National Guard. In addition to the many National Committees on which Natalie served, she also held many chairmanships in the National Organization, including Awards, Child Welfare, Hospital/Adopt-a-Hospital, Grant-a-Wish, Americanism, and Fundraising.

Natalie served JWVA well in all levels of the National Offices and she is now honored to be your new National President representing the National Ladies Auxiliary of the Jewish War Veterans.

Her theme this year is Helping Hands Across JWVA.