October 22, 2017

About the President

    Linda S. Colon of La Costa, California was elected and sworn in as President of the National Ladies Auxiliary, Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, on August 19, 2016 during the organizations 87th National Convention, held in Savannah, Georgia. She was born in Cornwall, New York to Joseph and Hazel Goldberg, joining the family that already included her older sister, Joanne. When Linda was young the family moved to the West Bronx section of New York City and it was there that she later met her future husband, Maxwell.

    1964 was an eventful year for them. Linda was walking with a friend near her home; Maxwell was also out with a friend who happened to know Linda and he asked him to introduce them. The introduction was made and Maxwell immediately asked her for a date. A year and a half later, on March 6, 1966, they were married and two years later started their family which included son, Craig Scott and daughter, Jodi Dyan. They later moved to Yonkers, New York where their family increased to include Risa Ixchel and Karyn Danielle. Maxwell retired in 1986 from the New York City Department of Correction and a year later the family moved to San Diego, California. Linda is now a grandma to Alexa Sarah, Jake Harrison and Cooper Reese, all who call her “Tootsie.”

    In 1990 a friend asked Maxwell why he wasn’t a member of the Jewish War Veterans and one week later both Maxwell and Linda joined North County Post and Auxiliary #385 in San Diego, California. In May 1994 Linda became the president of the auxiliary and served for three years in that position. When she joined, the auxiliary had 12 members; by the end of her first term there were 52 members, one of whom was PNP Donna Green and they became very close friends. The following year Linda asked PNP Mimi Shor to transfer from a Los Angeles auxiliary to the “Boldest Auxiliary in the West” and within a month Auxiliary #385 had two Past National Presidents. In 1996 Linda became a life member of the National Ladies Auxiliary and when California disbanded their department the ladies formed the “California Past and Present Presidents”. She served as president of the group from 1996 through 1999 and that year when the name was changed to the “Ladies of California” she continued as president until 2005. These groups were formed to keep friendships and recruit new members into the present auxiliaries. In 2002, as a result of a request to help strengthen their auxiliary,
Linda transferred her membership to the Major Gary Grant Ladies Auxiliary #680, a membership she continues to this date.

    Linda has served on the national level with chairmanships that included Armed Forces/USO, Veterans Service/POW/MIA, Insurance, Child Welfare, Hospital/Adopt-a-Hospital/Grant-a-Wish and was elected as the JWVA representative to the board of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History; in addition to these various chairmanships she has held all the elected positions leading up to the presidency.

    When traveling to the nearest V.A. Hospital became increasingly difficult Linda and the ladies turned their attention to the Naval Hospital at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. The need to enhance the welfare and morale of hospitalized service men and women and their families, and to furnish the hospital with services and amenities that aren’t possible through normal government funding, became Linda’s goal. Her dedicated efforts have been acknowledged through the receipt of numerous citations and awards from several U.S. Presidents, admirals, generals and naval hospital commanders.

    It’s Linda’s belief that all sisters of the auxiliary are “FAMILY.” We are merely sisters from other mothers who have, and always will, project caring, love and help to one another and that we can accomplish “MITZVAHS” and do great things, not only for veterans and their families, but for all humanity.

Her theme for the coming year is “Hand in Hand We Stand Tall.”