August 15, 2019

Welcome to the JWVA


Dear Sisters,

What an honor to be your National President. I had no idea it would be so exciting. Thank you so much for electing me your National President.

My theme this year “Going Forward Together”.  I will do my best to keep in mind the foundation and experience our past leaders have given us. We want to incorporate their framework with the innovative new ways of our new and future leaders. JWVA is a wonderful organization, whose many programs offer something for everyone. Together we can make a good thing better.  By helping each other, our strength is doubled and we can go forward to new and better ideas for our programs.

A big way of going forward is to keep our National Museum of American Jewish Military History active by becoming members. The museum is what we leave for future generations. It is so important to support the programs like membership, yahrzeit, candle, and paver programs. Our student award program is another big program. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can apply for an award to help them with their education. Sisters can work at home to make lap blankets for our veterans, baby hats, and sweaters for our lady veterans for the Rhea Sahl baby shower.

I look forward to meeting all of you on a one to one basis as I travel around the country. I also look forward to working closely with our National Commander Jerry Blum and his staff. I have a wonderful team of officers who have great experience to bring to us and, working together, side by side, we will be “Going Forward Together”.

Yours for Service with a Smile,

Freda M. Rosenshein
National President

National Convention in Savannah, Georgia
August 14-21, 2016