January 17, 2019

Welcome to JWVA

Dear Sisters,

 You have honored me this year by electing me to serve as the 84th National President of JWVA.  I deem it a privilege to represent you this year and hope to do you proud.  I am happy to call my JWVA Sisters my friends and look forward to visiting you as I travel this country.

 I expect to bring some innovative ideas to our JWVA programs and hope they will energize existing projects.  I am always encouraged by your positive attitude and your confidence in our goals.

 I would like to take this opportunity to promote our National Museum of American Jewish Military History as it is our legacy to future generations.  Our Museum is not just a repository of military memorabilia, it is the history of Jewish servicemen and servicewomen who served to preserve the security of our country and its ideals.  Help membership to our Museum grow by becoming a member yourself if not already one, and encouraging family members and friends to join as well.

 In addition, please continue your efforts on behalf of all our other programs – Americanism and Patriotism, Child Welfare, VA Hospitals and Veterans, Israel, the Elderly and our Communities.  Encourage your Sisters to participate – we need their Helping Hands!

 I look forward to greeting all my Sisters as I travel and sharing innovative ideas with you.  Your ideas may inspire other Auxiliaries – SO SHARE!

 I anticipate working together with our new National Commander Paul Warner and advancing our JWV-JWVA goals to new heights.

 My theme this year is “Helping Hands Bring Smiles”.  JWVA NEEDS YOU!  Let’s work together; your helping hands will definitely bring smiles to those who unfortunately can’t help themselves.


 Iris Goldwasser

National President