September 3, 2019

Welcome to JWVA

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for electing me your 85th National President. I am humble, proud and happy to represent you.

My journeys across the Country will be informative and educational as I learn what you do and I tell you what the National Ladies Auxiliary is doing.

Our programs always deal with helping others: be it veterans, children or senior citizens. Our goals are to improve the lives of others and bring quality of life to them.

The National Commander, Barry Schneider, and his staff will be intertwined with the National Ladies Auxiliary as we meet during the year in many places.

Our legacy is something to be proud of. The National Museum of American Jewish Military History proves that Jewish men and women fought in many wars to keep us free. The programs in the Museum will live on even after us. Each person in JWVA and JWV should be a member. I will remind them of this fact as I visit across the nation.

The sisters and comrades who visit a veterans’ hospital in their vicinity always do a mitzvah. Whether they give them a party, bingo or just listen to them, it is greatly appreciated.

My theme this year is: “Our Hearts and Hands Help Those in Need”.

Remember “zakor” our goals will make someone happy and that is what we want to do.


Linda P. Singer,

National President