November 30, 2022

Welcome to JWVA

Dear Sisters,

Today we live in a different world, a COVID-19 world turned upside down that presents us with a way of life we never dreamed we would experience. For me, as I am sure for many of you, it is the inability to perform the daily tasks I normally accomplish in person that is most bothersome. But the telephone and the computer still function and if we can’t visit in person, we will meet or talk virtually. If this is the case, the sisters of the Jewish War Veteran Ladies Auxiliary and I will still have the opportunity to meet and greet each other even though we are unable to attend our usual NECs and the National Conventions.

I am from a JWV/JWVA family, the youngest of three children, with a sister, brother, three nephews and one niece. My dad, Moe, was a Past County Commander and my mom, Celia, was a Past Auxiliary President. Both of my parents loved this organization and served locally for many years until their deaths.

In actuality I am a part of two families, the one in which I grew up and the one I chose to join as an adult, my JWVA family. Who knew I would have so many sisters, some older and some younger? During my years of service on the local, state and national echelons I was always told to listen and ask questions (and ask I did!). Most of my JWVA knowledge was gleaned from attending meetings, NECs, conventions and from reading
our Constitution and By-Laws.

You have honored me this year by electing me to serve as your National President; I appreciate your vote of confidence and I am privileged to represent you this year. I hope to meet you virtually this year, at least until it is safe to travel. Please remember, I am only a phone call away and I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding JWVA.

Hopefully during these trying times, your helping hands will safely continue to engage in the programs for which JWVA is known. Keep up your good work! Let’s keep the love going to those in need; we will be richer in our hearts for it! My theme this year is “Helping hands across JWVA”.

I would like to close this message with a quote from Danny Thomas:
“The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better”.

Natalie Blank
National President