October 22, 2017

Welcome to JWVA

My Dear Sisters,

It is my greatest honor to serve as the 83rd National President of our Ladies Auxiliary. It certainly proves that dreams do come true if you work hard enough. I have many thanks for all the sisters who befriended me since I joined our JWVA family and who shared their experiences, their wisdom and their quidance. “Thank You” doesn’t seem enough, but it’s truly meant from the heart.

I promise to give you the best I have, and that will be no less than one hundred and ten percent (110%), but keep in mind that I cannot do it alone. With your guidance and cooperation, all of us working together, we will succeed. Henry Ford stated, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is “SUCCESS”.

Above all we must try and increase our membership, otherwise we will cease to exist as an effective organization. I will try to bring innovative ideas for the betterment of our National Ladies Auxiliary, but it is important that you share any thoughts and ideas you have. We must work hard to keep our ongoing programs alive, but that requires not only that you support those needs with funds – but with your full

Let us never, ever, forget the National Museum of American Jewish Military History and all its wonderful programs. If you are a member you have a moral obligation to renew each year. If you aren’t a member, it is crucial that you join – membership is extremely reasonable. Please remember that this museum is not just a repository of “things”, it is the history of Jewish American involvement in the security of our
country; this is our heritage to be left for future generations.

As I prepare to travel and meet you, I want you to share your input concerning our ladies auxiliary; your ideas on increasing our membership and your thoughts and suggestions for new programs. I assure you that this will be very greatly appreciated. Our National Commander, COL Carl A. Singer, his staff and I will work as a team for
the advancement of both our organizations.

2016-2017 will be a good year because we will be marching to the beat of my theme:
“Hand In Hand We Stand Tall”

My G-d give you good health and happiness always.

Linda S. Colón
National President